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Most Romantic Escapades of St. Croix


Ready to change your tune this Valentine’s Day? Head to St. Croix and share an unparalleled adventure that you’ll remember and talk about for years to come. Here’s where to find the most romantic escapades of St. Croix.


Nighttime Lagoon with Glowing Lights

Nothing says romance like a kayak trip with your honey at sunset. Explore a rare bioluminescent bay at dusk and see naturally occurring living lights in the water. Take a see-through kayak to maximize the number of flashing lights and sparkles you spot in the water. Be sure to keep a lookout for comb jellyfish and their fascinating neon green glow. This phenomenon is more visible during certain cycles of the moon; you’ll have your best sightings during New Moon. Where: Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve and Altona Lagoon 


Frolic in the Tidal Pools of St. Croix

Head to Annaly Bay and take a hike to get to the hidden tide pools. The rainforest hike alone is a breathtaking experience, revealing sweeping sights of the Caribbean Sea. Take in the nature surrounding you as you walk hand-in-hand – experience butterflies, flowers, and greenery galore. Get your heart pumping as you climb the cliff face to reach the tidal pools. Then play in the temporary waterfalls caused when waves crash over the rock wall. Be sure to bring non-slip hiking shoes!


Share the First Glimpse of Sunrise in the U.S.

Experience an utterly unique and unforgettable experience with your love by heading to the Millennium Monument at Point Udall just before sunrise. Point Udall is located at easternmost tip of the U.S., meaning it sees the first rays of sunlight in the nation. Feel the trade winds of the Caribbean and hear the waves as you catch a glimpse of the first light of the sun rising over the ocean.


Get Away from it All in a Private St Croix Boat Charter

Want to amp up the volume and show her you care? Reserve a St Croix boat charter for the occasion and whisk her away to a remote island. Spend the day on your private St Croix boat rental and drift in and around St. Croix, head to St. John, or whisk her away to the BVI. It’s luxury, it’s seclusion, it’s class. It’s quintessentially romantic.


Relax with Massage for Two

Get a couples’ massage – on the beach! De-stress to the sound of the waves against the soft sand while you and your beloved enjoy a massage together. Beach Massage & Bodywork Delivered will come to you for this ultimate Valentine’s Day treat.



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